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Pagesimple Platform

Site Management

Manage all your sites from a single dashboard; Pagesimple has everything you need to build and manage a personal blog or 45 simultaneous landing page campaigns across your team. No more managing multiple CMS installations, or logins across different platforms.

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Powerfully Simple Content Editor

Each page template generates its own custom content editor. With support for any browser-supported media and custom APIs, your website can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

Screenshot of Powerfully Simple Content Editor

Drag and Drop Visual Editor

Edit your site using our drag-and-drop visual editor; Swap out images, tweak typography, add a headline, or build something from scratch with our library of elements and blocks (coming soon).

Screenshot of Drag and Drop Visual Editor

Theme Manager

Upload, preview, or share your themes with other Pagesimple users. Manage theme versions using Git (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket). Upload your favourite starter theme and use it to quickly create a demo or proof of concept.

Screenshot of Theme Manager

Templating & Theming

All Websites are Themes

Build themes with HTML, CSS and Javascript, then upload them to Pagesimple. In fact, you can upload and use any static webite as a reusable theme.

Screenshot of All Websites are Themes

Straight-Up Templating

Turning a static page into a reusable template is as easy as adding a few mustache tags; For every mustache tag in a template, Pagesimple generates a field. No need for custom post types, plugins, or complex for loops.

Screenshot of Straight-Up Templating

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